Movie Production Companies In India

It is an involved process, from the development of a story idea to commissioning the writing of a cutting-edge script, and further to filming, editing and delivering a finished product. For achieving this, a movie production company in India must adopt and master a myriad technologies and techniques. Moreover, it must have its creative fundamentals firmly in place to ensure that the product features differentiated content and is suitable for the designated audience.

Thanks to the countrys increasingly globalized business platform, there is immense scope for a creative and market-attuned movie production company in India today. The Indian film industry both in the advertising and entertainment sectors now rivals in scope and scale anything that the West has to offer. Bollywood has reached a level of glamor and international interest that only Hollywood could previously boast of. Indian television is a major revenue-spinner that drives a number of retail and entertainment markets.

If it has the correct staff and technological soundness, the field of opportunity is limitless for a movie production company in India today. However, the challenge is daunting uncompromising expertise in motion picture production, mastery over the latest television software and advanced marketing capabilities for effective film distribution, promotion and IPR Marketing are de rigueur. The company must have complete mastery in ad film production and be able to create corporate films that meet the highest international standards. Further, no movie production company in India is complete without the capacity to handle live events and special projects as value-added services.

Movie production is a refined science with exacting protocols to ensure the right product is delivered within specified time-frames. The entire process is basically five-fold. At the development stage, the company develops or commissions a script and adapts it into a suitable basis for a film. Then comes the pre-production process, wherein the company harnesses it resources for the actual shoot by hiring a cast and crew, selecting a location and putting up sets.

In the ensuing production stage, the film crew records the raw elements of the film and graduates it into the post-production stage. Here, the editing process takes place and appropriate visual and audio elements such as music and special effects are incorporated. This invariably involves the use of computer-graphic visual effects. In the case of an ad or corporate film, the product is then delivered to the client. If the film is a commercial venture, the companys sales and distribution division ensures that it reaches theater and/or DVD distributors for dissemination to the general public. Yes, these are exciting and challenging times for any movie production company in India. As the market for quality movie making expands in the country, more and more companies are rising to occasion.

The Silence Of The Lambs, An Anthony Hopkins Movie

The Silence of The Lambs is the film that people universally associate with Sir Anthony Hopkins, as Hannibal-the-Cannibal, Dr Lecter. Released in 1991, Hopkins achieved his first ever Oscar for Best Actor, at the age of 54. The movie itself scooped up Oscar awards in all five categories and achieved worldwide box office success, propelling Anthony Hopkins to legendary status and the eventual accomplishment of his boyhood aspiration to be a Hollywood star.

The best-selling book The Silence of The Lambs by Thomas Harris was the inspiration for this film, directed by Jonathan Demme. Hopkins plays the monster psychopathic serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter who is a lifer incarcerated in a high security Baltimore jail for his heinous offences; carving up nine people, cooking and consuming his favourite organs. Dr Lecter, prides himself on having once eaten the liver of a census taker with some fava beans and a nice glass of Chianti. Formerly an eminent psychiatrist, Dr Lecter is an clever, refined person, portraying humour, charm and supreme control, making his spates of violence yet more shocking to the viewer.

A shocking well-executed, up to date suspense thriller where Hopkins gives a strong performance, opposite an equally excellent Jodie Foster. It is a dark movie with the menacing background music helping to build the facet of suspense step by step, demanding to watch at times with its’ disturbing scenes, yet impossible to turn off and an ending that leaves many doors open. A modern classic. It is difficult to believe Hopkins only has a total of 16 minutes movie time in this picture but that is what Hopkins is so skilled at, with him, less is without doubt more.

Jodie Foster plays the FBI new agent, Clarice Starling, who is detailed to a case to hunt down another dangerous serial killer who has taken hostage Catherine, the child of US Senator Ruth Martin. Agent Starling is keen to prove her worth to boss Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) and having the opinion that Dr Lecter has the answer to catch the killer, Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), on the foundation that ‘it takes one to know one’, she embarks out on a path to try and achieve Hannibal’s faith, visiting him in the asylum. A risky exchange and rapport develops between Dr Lecter and Clarice, one of tutor-apprentice, where Lecter permanently has the upper hand paradoxically, in spite of being behind bars. Intelligence games concerning the two are central to the film, with the smart Clarice with her deliberate southern intonation portraying innocence and vulnerability along with her single-minded dedication and ambition to do well in her male dominated professional life. Hopkins portrayal of the notorious Dr Lecter is most amusing, he manages most convincingly to keep Lecter’s dignity in the lonely, spartan jail cell where he is imprisoned for his horrific offences. His ‘matter-of-fact’ tone, witty sarcasm and magnetic charm enthralls as he gradually manipulates the youthful FBI trainee, at all times keeping one step in front of her, delving deep into her awareness. Hopkins once said “I am able to play monsters well. I understand monsters. I understand madmen”. Hopkins talks in riddles to the young FBI agent, riddles that result in positive leads for Starling. Lecter however, makes sure Starling gets him the transfer he desires to new and improved accommodation with more freedom.

Buffalo Bill, the serial killer wanted by agent Starling, is a sexual deviant who skins his female victims. Dr Lecter was a former surgeon of this disturbing individual. There is one particular scene where you are sure to be on the edge of your seat rooting for agent Clarice Starling as she is chased by Buffalo Bill.

‘The Silence of The Lambs’ is the first of the trilogy where Anthony Hopkins plays Dr Lecter, the other two being ‘Hannibal’ (2001) and ‘Red Dragon’ (2002), although ‘Red Dragon’ was in reality the first of the three books written by Thomas Harris in 1981 and the sequel being ‘Silence of the Lambs’ available in 1988 and then ‘Hannibal’ in 1999. The book ‘Hannibal Rising’ written again by Harris in 2005 was also made into a film, about the formative years of Dr Hannibal Lecter.

Blank Firing Guns And Beretta Firing Blank Guns For Movie Props, Stage Props And Blank Gun Games

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Printable Movie Trivia Questions And Answers-free Trivia Questions

Trivia is a great way to entertain your friends and family. It is a fun and challenging game that everyone can play at parties. Personally, when I select trivia for this type of event I like to choose fairly general trivia, which will appeal to a wide range of people. Movie trivia is a great choice because everyone has seen a movie or two.

Below I have gathered fifty movie questions that cover everything from the latest blockbusters to some of the better-known classics. You can print these questions out and use them for your next gathering or simply test yourself to see how much you remember about the movies you have seen. Have fun!

1. What is the name of the computer in the film Alien?
A: Mother

2. What film centers around three unemployed professors setting up an agency to catch ghosts?
A: Ghost Busters

3. Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson star together in which blockbuster movie?
A: Rules of Engagement

4. Samuel L. Jackson plays Lazarus in the film Black Snake Moan. Who plays Rae?
A: Christina Ricci

5. A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was released in 2005. Who does the voice of Marvin ?
A: Alan Rickman

6. In the movie The Mask what kind of dog was Milo?
A: A Jack Russell Terrier

7. Doctor Doolittle was re-released in 1998 ? Who stars as the Doctor?
A: Eddie Murphy

8. In the film The Princess Bride who plays the role of the princess ?
A: Robin Wright

9. What is the name of the film that has Goldie Hawn joining the army?
A: Private Benjamin

10. In the film Poseidon who plays the character Robert Ramsey?
A: Kurt Russell

11. In the movie Master and Commander, who plays the role of Captain Jack Aubrey ?
A: Russell Crowe

12. Gene Wilder played Willy Wonka in the original movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Who plays that character in the 2005 version?
A: Jonny Depp

13. In the film science fiction movie Total Recall what is the name of the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger?
A: Douglas Quaid or Hauser

14. In the movie A Night at the Museum who does Robin Williams play?
A: Teddy Roosevelt

15. Actress Sharon Stone plays a gunfighter in which western film?
A: The Quick and the Dead

16. Who wrote and performed all the songs in the movie Batman ?
A: Prince

17. Russell Crowe plays which character in the film Gladiator?
A: Maximus

18. Kevin Costner plays a character named Roy McAvoy in which movie ?
A: Tin Cup

19. In which film does Robert De Niro play a homosexual pirate?
A: Stardust, he plays the role of Captain Shakespeare.

20. Who directed the Oscar winning movie Dances with Wolves?
A: Kevin Costner. Dances with Wolves came out in 1990.

21. Which movie pairs up Kristy Alley and John Travolta?
A: Look Who’s Talking

22. What movie stars Kurt Russell, playing a carpenter, and Goldie Hawn?
A: Overboard

23. Who plays the main detective in the film Basic Instinct?
A: Michael Douglas

24. Robin Williams plays a character named John Keating, in which movie?
A: Dead Poets Society

25. Will Smith plays a character called James Edwards in what movie?
A: Men in Black

26. Which Monty Python member played Robin Hood in the film Time Bandits?
A: John Cleese

27. What is the name of the character played by Patrick Swayze in the blockbuster Dirty Dancing?
A: Johnny Castle

28. In the movie Heaven Can Wait who plays the character of Joe Pendleton ?
A: Warren Beatty

29. Who plays the role of Dr. Diana Reddin in the movie Junior?
A: Emma Thompson

30. In the movie Splash what kind of mythical creature does Daryl Hannah play?
A: Mermaid

31. Who stars as the president in the movie The American President?
A: Michael Douglas

32. In the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which member of Charlie’s family goes on the tour of the chocolate factory with him?
A: Grandpa Joe

33. In the movie License to Wed who plays the role of Rev. Frank?
A: Robin Williams

34. Who plays the role of the boy who “sees dead people” in the movie The Sixth Sense?
A: Haley Joel Osment

35. Who played Khan in the Star Trek movie the Wrath of Khan?
A: Ricardo Montalban

36. Who directed The movie Willow was released in 1988. Who was the director?
A: Ron Howard

37. Who plays Greg Focker’s mother in the movie Meet the Fockers?
A: Barbra Streisand

38. In the movie Ladyhawke, the lady turns into a hawk. What animal does the man change into?
A: Wolf

39. In the movie Willow, Willow is not a hobbit, elf or a dwarf. What kind of being is he?
A: He is a Nelwyn.

40. Who plays test pilot Daniel McCormick in the film Forever Young?
A: Mel Gibson

41. In which movie does Justin Timberlake play a character named Ronnie?
A: Black Snake Moan

42. In which children’s movie does Kurt Russell do the voice of a hound dog?
A: The Fox and the Hound

43. Which actor starred as the Count in the movie Love at First Bite?
A: George Hamilton

44.In the film a Clockwork Orange what song did Malcolm McDowell sing?
A: Singing in the Rain

45. The movie, Superman starred Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve. Who got top billing?
A: Marlon Brando

46. “A business on the line. A friendship on the edge. A woman caught in the middle.” This is the tagline from the film Tequila Sunrise. Who plays the woman in the middle?
A: Michelle Pfeiffer

47. In the Star Wars Trilogy, who does Hans Solo acquire the Millennium Falcon from?
A: Lando Calrissian

48. “A hero should never have to stand alone” is the tagline from what movie?
A: Rules of Engagement

49. Who plays the nanny in the movie Nanny McPhee, ?
A: Emma Thompson

50. In the movie Meet the Fockers, who plays the role of Greg Focker ?
A: Ben Stiller

Scary Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

If you are a teenager living on Elm Street what should you never do?
A. Go to sleep
B. Play with dolls
C. Go to the prom
D. Have sex

A. Go to sleep
TOPICS: We all know from “Nightmare on Elm Street” that your dreams can get you killed by Freddy Krueger. Written by Craven, a former English teacher, the film’s premise is the question of where the line between dreams and reality lies. The villain, Freddy Krueger, exists in the “dream world” and yet can kill in the “real world”.

2. If you are up on your movie lore, then you also know that you should never accept what job on Halloween?
A. Hotel clerk
B. Baby sitter
C. Camp counselor
D. Traveling salesman

B. Baby sitter
TOPICS: Halloween (also known as John Carpenter’s Halloween) is a 1978 American independent horror film set in the fictional Midwest town of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween. Originally titled The Babysitter Murders, the film centers on Michael Myers’ escape from a psychiatric hospital, his murdering of teenagers, and Dr. Loomis’s attempts to track and stop him.

3. What should tip you off to a bad motel to check in to?
A. No one else has checked in for weeks
B. The clerk talks too much about his mother
C. The clerk’s name is Norman
D. You are a thief

B. The clerk talks too much about his mother
TOPICS: At the end of the film, a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Fred Richmond (Oakland), explains to Lila, Sam and the authorities that Bates’ mother, though dead, lives on in Norman’s psyche. Norman was so dominated by his mother while she lived, and so guilt-ridden for murdering her eight years earlier, that he tried to erase the crime from his mind by bringing his mother back to life.

4. If you are looking for a job on Crystal Lake what offer should you not accept?
A. Mailman
B. Truck driver
C. Camp cook
D. Camp counselor

D. Camp counselor
TOPICS: In Friday the 13th, we learn it is a bad job to be a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake where the counselors die extremely bloody deaths at the hands of an unseen killer who turns out to be the cook whose son Jason drowned 25 years earlier while neglected by romancing counselors.

5. British actor Boris Karloff created a cinematic icon when he played the role of what monster?
A. Dracula
B. Werewolf
C. Frankenstein
D. Alien

C. Frankenstein
TOPICS: British actor Boris Karloff played the role of the monster in the 1931 film “Frankenstein”. The ghoulish makeup he wore and the lurching walk he adopted in the film have become conventions, even cliches, of horror films. And beyond the individual techniques Karloff used when playing the role of the monster, he created a feeling of sympathy for the character, a technique that has since become a more general trait of successful horror films, whose monsters often gain intensity by fascinating audiences as well as repelling them.

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This R-rated movie is an action adventure that can also be a drama. It is set for limited release within a few days. The film is produced by Morena Films.
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The main casts are Benicio Del Toro, Demian Bichir, and Elvira Minguez. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh. Original Music has been scored by Alberto Iglesias.

The story line of the movie is as follows. Ernesto Che Guevara is an Argentine doctor who signs up to be part of the rebels led by Fidel Castro. Their aim is to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. Che becomes indispensable as a fighter, and quickly learns guerrilla warfare as he launches himself into the struggle. Che is embraced by his comrades and the Cubans.

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Medium-power FM transmitter is your best choose

As people’s material life improving, people’s spiritual life is also improving. Now many people have their own mobile phone, MP3 and radio, when they have free times they can Listening to music and watching TV. Have you ever noticed when you listen to music, watching TV the signal is often had some problems. If you want to solve these problems, you need to buy transmitter. Now there are a lot of FM transmitters in the market, some are high-power transmitters, some are low-power transmitters, some other medium-power transmitter. But whether it is high-power transmitter, lowpower transmitters or medium-power transmitter, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, I’ll show you briefly explain their respective disadvantages and advantages.

High-power transmitter receiver distance is greater than the low-power transmitters and medium-power transmitter. However, low-power FM transmitter and medium-power transmitter have their own advantages, they easy to carry, low power consumption and the price is cheaper.

Their not only have these advantages, but also have some disadvantages

Their disadvantage is that high-power FM transmitter is not easy to carry, Power consumption is higher, prices is more expensive, low-power transmitters to accept a small range.

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Movie Overview Swiftly Five (2011)

Here the option manifests alone as an increase in each violence and the outlandishness of the motor vehicle stunts, in addition the inclusion of an Ocean’s 11-style heist and Dwayne Johnson’s cocky federal agent Hobbs. The escapism works many thanks to diminished expectations and clever creators attuned to the needs of the supporters, however no subject how massive the motor vehicle crashes, thrilling the shootouts, or truncated the title, it’s nonetheless just another mindless addition to the Rapid and the Furious franchise.

Following a harrowing prison bus escape, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker), and Mia Toretto (Jordanna Brewster) flee to Rio de Janeiro in which it’s not long before they’re concerned in still yet another theft of large-stop race vehicles (indeed, the protagonists are all needed criminals). When the position goes south and three DEA agents are killed, the trio discover themselves hunted by both a ruthless drug kingpin (Joaquim de Almeida) and a very difficult-boiled federal agent (Dwayne Johnson). With their choices dwindling and time running out, Dominic and Brian assemble collectively a crew of elite outlaws like Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), Han (Sung Kang), and Gisele (Gal Gadot) to stage a heist versus the criminal overlord value $a hundred million.on.

Dwayne Johnson gets the only “F” word in Rapidly 5, blatantly spouting it out in a macho frenzy. It’s fitting that he’s presented all the funniest bits of dialogue, because he’s the only actor owning a genuinely grand time. “The Rock” thinks he’s in a comedy, though every person else believes the circumstances are considerable, life or demise, and teeth-gritting extreme. He eats up each scene he’s in, and aids in chewing up the scenery with huge firepower. And given that the PG-13 language barrier is arrived at, the violence must be toned down, guaranteeing that throughout the opening moments, in which a bus flips through a dozen times and is smashed beyond recognition, a news reporter chronicles how, really surprisingly, none of the thirty-some inmates on board had been killed.

From the following we’re granted all the standard elements of a Quick and the Furious film, from amplified revving engines, to dust-churning/asphalt-burning tires, to shut-ups of lift kits and snarling wheels, to road racing, to bare midriffs. Tied into the generic system is the new, unbelievably complicated heist scheme, along with the corrupt Brazilian official and his obligatory moments of demonstrating his evilness, especially towards his henchmen. With all the focus granted to cool cars, attractive bodies and action-packed chase sequences, it’s hilarious that we’re supposed to care about the characters, all of whom are invincible in the line of fire, but down-to-earth when they speak of the past, misplaced loved ones, loved ones bonds, running from the law and current relationships.

Rapidly 5 utilizes a ton of subtitles and introduces a trendy process to deliver them (they slide off the screen like a speeding car). And when it’s preoccupied with retaining an edgy, modern appear, it forgets to offer explanations about the place everyone obtained the farcical amounts of dollars and technologies necessary to method the heist, why Rio entirely runs out of cops for the duration of the finale, why no a single reviews all the stolen police autos, or what the backstory is for any of the characters, most of whom had been in the prior four films (not that it matters what precisely transpired in the other motion pictures). What is rather entertaining, even so, is the large quantity of shootouts, fistfights, explosions, stunts, and huge destruction concerned in all of the catastrophic action scenes, which brain-bogglingly combine stunt driving with CG racecars to build a believably hellacious, hugely frenetic visual assault of crumpled metal and flame-spewing tailpipes. Remain by the end of the credits for an added scene that ensures a Quickly and the Furious Component six (our bet is on the title “Furious Six”).

- The Massie Twins (

If you need to assemble a Pinewood Derby automobile, then pace is the title of the game. This doesn’t signify that the car’s look isn’t important in increasing the over-all superior of the automobile. It is. On the other hand, your automobile has the need for velocity. Here are some of the very best recommendations for creating a mini velocity demon:

1. Take care of the wheels and axles

These very small parts of a Pinewood Derby car can have a devastating result on its speed. So make certain that the wheels are even, and are sufficiently lubricated. When sanding the car’s wheels, it’s vital to do it correctly. Or else you could essentially gradual down your motor vehicle, in an effort to pace it up! It’s also critical for the axles to be as easy as achievable. Additionally, you must polish the axles to be certain that they’re as easy as possible.

two. Meticulously include weights

When including weights to your Pinewood Derby automobile, it’s vital not to do it willy-nilly. Often the excess weight restrict for this sort of races is five ounces. So the key is to include weights so your car’s weight is as shut to that restrict as possible-with out exceeding it. Lead weights are best, and you can very likely locate them at your area hobby store. Following inserting the weights, validate that they’re flush with the surface of the motor vehicle. Otherwise, the weights could build a lot more drag as the car runs along the track.

3. Don’t underestimate the painting

You may well be shocked at the enormous effects that your paint job can have on the Pinewood Derby automobile. Prior to you commence incorporating paint, make guaranteed that you’ve sanded the vehicle right up until it’s perfectly smooth. It’s also critical to include the appropriate number and types of coats. Firstly, add one primer coat. Then you really should include several light coats of paint. One particular or two serious coats will weigh down the motor vehicle, and need much more time to dry. So applying the several-coat process will increase the car’s aerodynamics, and as a result make it faster.

four. Cautiously insert the wheels and axles into the car’s chassis. When taking this step, it’s necessary that you insert the wheels as straight as achievable. In fact, it’s highly highly recommended that a father or mother do this stage. Assume of it as aligning the wheels. There really should be a minimum sum of space amongst the wheel’s inside, and the chassis of the automobile.

5. Test your motor vehicle correctly

Following the ways you’ve taken to create a speedy Pinewood Derby auto, it’s important that you check your car or truck properly. Otherwise, you could compromise the car’s pace. Check the car or truck on a clean surface area. If you’re going to examination it on the real Pinewood Derby track, then make certain that the track is clear as well. Immediately after testing the vehicle, make any always last tweaks. These last adjustments could be the difference concerning finishing in first or 2nd location while in the race.

To give your Pinewood Derby automobile the greatest likelihood of winning, you’ll will need to make it as quick as attainable.

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Watch Bangla Movie,

Watch latest Bangladeshi Bangla and Indian Bengali Movies online. You can find best Bangla Movie and old Kolkata Bengali Movies. Watch Bangla Movie for free. Unlimited Bengali movies available here. Just click and watch Bangla Movies. Have fun watching bengali movies.

Bangla movie AKAI EKSHO is a action film. raton an auto-rickshaw, driver in kolkata.The local M.L.A pradip Roy used to collect Hafta from the auto-drivers with the local police officer.
One Day Raton refused to pay the Hafta and created aproblem.The pradip Roy wanted to break the unity of Ratons family. He succeeded in separating his two brothers and sister from Raton. Pradip Roys daughter Jhilik fell in love with raton and the movie ends with a melodrama.

The story of Gorai Gondogol rotates around Rahul, an ambitious IT professional and his love interest, Sampurna. Their plan is to tie the knot soon and have a enjoyable future together. Before to get married, Rahul has to go to meet Sampurnas strict principled father, Deepankar De. Now, Mr. Deepankar wants to meet Rahuls parents before he agrees to marry them.In order to save himself, Rahul undertakes the assistance of some people, who will act as his family members. Now begins the real Gondogol (problem) which soon takes the shape of aenormous comedy of misperceptions
New hilarious bangla movie which is really awesome to see. Everyone should this this movie.

The kolkata film Icche, based on a tale, is about an ambitious and obsessive mother, whose world begins and ends thinking about and controlling the life and career of her son. She doesnt want him to be laid back and ambition less. As a result, she unknowingly starts drifting from her son, who revolts to have a life of his own.

Egaro is a Bengali film tells the story of 11 Mohun Bagan boys who went on to defeat the east Yark Shire regiment. After Indian Hindi film Lagaan and Chak De Indian Its time now for Kolkata to scream goal. This Bangla movie is outstanding and highly inspiring not only for footballers but people of other professions as well .casting by: Ronodeep bose ,Heerok das, Bijit basu, Baidyanath Das, Uday Pratap Singh, Monish Chakraborty,Tarun Patre, Joyeb Dey,Chandan Bhattacharjee, Gautam Das and Nilanjan Bhowmick.

This is a story of a young lawyer named Shankar Chatterjee who lives in Patna with his mother. One day his mother tells Shankar Chatterjee that his father is alive and is in jail. Shankar Chatterjee goes to Krishnanagar to establish his fathers blamelessness. In Krishnanagar Shankar Chatterjee meets Rita. Rita likes him. Shankar Chatterjee starts his enquiry and comes to know that his father is innocent. Finally Shankar Chatterjee proves that the murderer is another left handed man and he is public prosecutor Roy Bahadur. The Bangla Movie comes to end when court releases Prasanta Chatterjee -Shankar Chatterjee’s father.
Casting By: Uttam Kumar, Suchitra sen, Chhabi Biswas, Sobha sen.
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Utube Funny Movie Clips

Utube Funny movie clips are a nice approach to the best comical moments of the film industry, including passages of our favorite movies and footage from those we never seen before and quite often we never thought we could enjoy so much. In fact, many people never watch a full-length movie before seeing before seen the movie video clip or trailer.

Trailers are short movie previews of upcoming movies that nowadays are used to advertise new releases, although trailers were originally included at the end of a movie exhibit or film programming in the movies theatres or cinemas, hence the origin of the name. Being a good promotional idea, trailers did not succeed until they were programmed as introduction to the movies or between movies in double feature film programs.

While trailers have no a specific time length, those that are only between 30 and 60 seconds in length are best known as teaser trailers and not necessarily include footage of the movie that is advertised. Teaser trailers are more commonly used to promote new games, and television series rather than films.

However, teaser trailers and featured trailers are usually released on the Internet and it is estimated that every year over ten billion video trailers are watched online. When it comes to movies, it is common that teaser trailers appear before a movie is finished allowing to advertise the film several months ahead on time as occurred with the teaser trailers to promote Michael Keaton’s Batman, Disney’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the new Spiderman and Star Wars films.

The story of movie trailers can be traced back to 1913 when a short film promoting a Broadway musical called “The Pleasure Seekers” that was advertised in the Marcus Loew theater chain of the United States. Following this trailer, the first movie ever advertised was a trailer of a Charles Chaplin’s movie that was shown in Harlem Loew’s Seventh Avenue Theatre the following year.

Eventually an association called National Screen Service was devoted to pick the key scenes of the movies that would be advertised in the trailers, adding voice narration and descriptive texts. The trailers that we know today became to take shape until the 1960s

Today some trailers are even awarded by The Key Art Awards and The Golden Trailer Awards and you can enjoy funny UTube movie clips that include not only trailers but also other footage taken by users from their favorite pictures. Some video clips are also trailers of their productions and you must not forget that UTube video clip website allows you to upload your own video clips for sharing. Utube funny movies video clips are just one of the many categories that you can find in this place.

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